About SAB

If you want to get things moving in Saxony, you don't have to go it alone: in many cases, you can access public funding. The Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank - (SAB) can give you expert advice in this matter. Our service and quality principles set out how we approach working with you.

The SAB is the central development agency of the Free State of Saxony. As a public-law institution under the Act for the Establishment of the SAB (German abbreviation: FördbankG) of 19 June 2003, the SAB supports the State in the fulfilment of its public duties.

Whether you are a private person, an association, a business, a research institute or a community, the SAB offers a suitable funding programme for many target groups. We grant funding on behalf of the Free State of Saxony for activities relating to the economy and employment, housing construction, infrastructure and urban development, and environment and agriculture. Funding is provided primarily in the form of subsidies, loans and sureties.

We work closely with the Saxon State Government to strengthen economic development in the Free State of Saxony. We therefore rely on strong partners at municipal, state, federal and European level, including the Saxon municipalities, chambers and associations, banks and savings banks, the KfW Banking Group, and the European Investment Bank.