Broadening horizons

SAB advises clients on local, federal and EU funding and development opportunities, putting together bundled solutions tailored to individual requirements. Individuals, businesses, associations, research institutes and local authorities all benefit from SAB's network of contacts in local, national and supranational institutions. Already watchwords in the business world, flexibility and responsiveness are also essential concepts in regional development. Only by being flexible and responsive can SAB act as an effective channel both for traditional development initiatives and for the localized programs and drives that are becoming the norm at EU and national level.

By remaining open to possibilities, SAB can often suggest ways to combine resources that others may not have thought of, and that do not appear in any conventional regional development guidelines. SAB provides a sense of perspective that is not easy to acquire from any one single point of contact elsewhere. As a hub of information and action, creating and cultivating links and opportunities upstream and down, SAB is a logical point of contact for small businesses, program beneficiaries and investors alike.