SAB is the central development agency of the Free State of Saxony . Acting on behalf of the state, SAB allocates and distributes development funding to businesses , technology companie and investors , housing developers and homeowners, as well as other social groups in Saxony. Funding takes the form of grants, subsidies, loans and guarantees.

As a financial facilitator SAB offers a wide range of products and services, including low-interest loans and loan guarantees, direct investment, grants and financial consulting. In addition to acting on behalf of various tiers of government , SAB offers packages developed by the bank itself, based on its experience of meeting local needs and helping local businesses.

SAB facilitates the sharing and bundling of resources between a range of EU, national and regional development and support programs, aimed mainly but by no means exclusively at SMEs. SAB also provides entrepreneurs with start-up advice, business coaching and marketing assistance. SAB targets so-called future-oriented companies by supporting investment in research and development and intellectual property. Key areas include communications and on-line services.

SAB helps house buyers, promotes renovation of housing stock and fosters urban development and city center renewal. Other projects administered by the bank cover activities such as farming, tourism and forestry.